New to Online Business?

Here are the basics; Keyword domains!

Here is the first diagram. This diagram shows how to build a website based on a popular keyword. For instance, the domain I bought, "good dog training" is based EXACTLY on the keyword "Good dog training product" which people actually search for, ALOT.

Therefore, the actual domain name based on the keyword is instantly more valuable than $10 (The usual amount you pay for a .com)

Here are the full visual instructions:

These are step by step instructions to sell domains and sites!

Here are full instructions on how to build and launch an Evergreen product

And evergreen product sells itself, all year long from help from a marketplace like Clickbank or Amazon. This model differs from launched based marketing, where the offer does great the first month and then falls "out of season."

Let's talk about forum marketing!

Forums are powerful and you need to harness the ferocious torque of the discussion!


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