IMWithJamie Course #4:
Employment: You are limited by long term time frame and salary.

Practice: You are limited by the hourly rate or action and client

Owner: You are able to compound time with money and multiply.

Using your domain name:
*Forward or point your domain name using forwarding or nameservers
Build a machine: GetYourWomanBack, BodyIdeal and SecretLoveStrategy
*One time vendor sales (Sell your ebook, video system, physical DVD, Mp3's, software or database)
*Recurring membership sales

*Affiliate sales (Selling other peoples products and you get a commission via affiliate program)
*CPA Income (CPA offers and Adsense)

*Platinum upgrades & upsells
*Followup with your list (automatic response)
*Broadcast with your list (send out an email)
*Advertising revenue
*Marketplace revenue (Take a % of user's sales)
*Organic rankings in search engines
*PPC (Pay per click using Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Miva or MSN)

*Article marketing
*Classified ads websites

*Blog comments and other "Quick comments"
*Social Websites and communities and fan building
*Affiliate program and/or affiliate manager
*Exclusive joint venture partners
*CPA Advertising and media buys
*Paid advertising and banner ads
*Brick & Mortar advertising
*TV & Radio
*Direct Mail
*Embeded links in free newsletters & ebooks

*VIRAL traffic (The power of comments= Google LOVES this!)


Learn stuff:

Learn how to do stuff:

Buy domain names:

Sell domain names:

Buy & sell sites:


All in one Domains & Site builder:

Hire and get hired for coding:

Hire and get hired for creative:

Hire, sell and get hired for everything: