IMWithJamie Course #6:
How to make money online:
*Go to the Clickbank marketplace or CJ marketplace, choose a product
*Go to the google keyword tool, get ideas
*Find your traffic sites

*Check with Alexa, make sure your traffic sites work
*Post your link on traffic sites
Step it up a notch
*Build a page to collect data from your visitors
*Once you get opt ins, optimize the follow ups

*Broadcast to your list promoting other products in your niche
Cash in!

*Once your business is established, sell it for 10 times the earnings!
*Post your site on Flippa or Ebay

*When people start to ask questions about your auction, answer them with extreme precision
*Make the deal

Niche Ideas

*Real estate
*Self Improvement


Traffic Ideas



1. the differences between a database site and an instructional site, and where to post them

2. Sometimes, you might want to find a product to promote without the clickbank marketplace!! (Scroll down to the bottom and find the affiliate program link)

3. Forums are best for free traffic to self help programs that pay (Its got to allow signatures)

4. The 15 cities that you post on

5. if you buy banners, you can do anything


Learn stuff:

Learn how to do stuff:

Buy domain names:

Sell domain names:

Buy & sell sites:


All in one Domains & Site builder:

Hire and get hired for coding:

Hire and get hired for creative:

Hire, sell and get hired for everything: