IMWithJamie Course #8:
Its never too late, too early to start working as an entrepreneur.. sell units yourself.

My first buy it now button was all I needed..

Step #1: Find a niche:

Option A: Are you married? have a girlfriend, boyfriend? Have you had prolific experience through a breakup? Is the "relationships" market for you?

Option B: Do you exercise, do sports, etc.. Is the "Health" or "fitness" market for you?

Option C: Are you a business person? Is the "Ebusiness" market for you?

Option D: Are you a specialist with pets? Are you a dog trainer? "Dog training" is a big monetizer

Option E: Do you have experience with ailments? Is the "Self help" market for you?

Now that you have your market, lets focus on a more targeted niche, then find traffic for it.

Option F: Are you a musician? Sell your lessons and music online (Like me!)

Step #2: Find your keywords/Domains

Step #3: Find your traffic sources:
Option A: Are you a writer? if so, focus on ezine articles and Goarticles..
Option B: Do you want to skip writing? focus on forum marketing
(Your challenge is to find the sites that allow sigs)
Option C: Do you want to put time in and build a big business? Get a website, do all the above plus SEO.
Case Studies 5/9/11:
The new clickbank account is "jamiebeats." If you would like access
to see what I am doing, please contact support to register and sign an NDA.
Trick for this week: (Copy & paste)
Google search: "forums allow signatures"

Or hire someone to do the traffic work.

Current affiliate marketing projects:
1. Lotto
2. GetYourExBack
3. Self help such as bodyideal and secret love strategy
Anyone want to JV with me? (Copy & paste)
Current roster of my own "backburner" businesses..

GYEB Traffic:
*Facebook PPC
*Articles and press releases
*opt in
*Front end sales

Learn stuff:

Learn how to do stuff:

Buy domain names:

Sell domain names:

Buy & sell sites:


All in one Domains & Site builder:

Hire and get hired for coding:

Hire and get hired for creative:

Hire, sell and get hired for everything: