IMWithJamie Course #9:
Are you new to IMWithJamie? Access worksheets 1-8 for past projects. Right now, we are going to be working on finding traffic sources for all the major niches and building huge email lists from them.

Feedback from Jamie:

I notice that most students have good websites. Just make sure you have an opt in box. Alot of the time there is no opt in box on alot of students websites. My students also have very good ideas. Sure we will perhaps re-visit website critiques if you get traffic and there is a problem, but I would like to focus on traffic for the coming up month of June.

The answers to most questions are "Yes" (I will explain what I mean..) When someone asks me "Do you think anger/depression is a good niche," My answer is yes. My answer is "YES" most of the time because I taught you guys how to be perfect marketers. Dont second guess yourselves.

From now on, I would like to spend our time critiquing your traffic campaigns. Your articles, your forum posts, your PPC campaigns and SEO projects. If you would allow me to critique your projects in front of the class, you get first priority. If you would like me to keep it private, please say so when you send me the URL's in the questions box. In this case, I will verbally explain what you should do without going into that much detail (for your benefit)

As an affiliate, Promote 1 to 2 offers a week with your list, (If you have one) 2 mailings a day. (Make sure that you also provide funny stories, attention grabbing headlines, resources and free stuff as well.)

Remember, you choose one niche, and then you do all sorts of sneaky things to build a biz online in that niche. Its EASY but you need to follow the guidelines or being broke aint fun! Listen up!

A: Plans for niches: (Expect a couple sales in the beginning,) a bunch more sales once your list is built, even more sales after you get your own product and a TON of sales when you start buying advertising. (PPC, CPA, IMPRESSIONS)

1. Weight Loss/Fitness. Huge niche, use Forums in the beginning to build your list. SEO your blog to continue bringing you leads. Follow my instructions for email marketing..

2. Internet Marketing, BizOpp, Forex.. Another monster niche: spend a couple weeks building your list and then get on launches. Follow my instructions for email marketing..

3. Dog Training: Have a page for every breed on your blog. SEO IT!

4. Tattoos: Have a page for every style of tattoo on your blog. SEO IT!

5. How to play an instrument: Use youtube for this niche!!! Record your own lessons? It works for me! :)

6. Around the house/DIY.. Forums, Blogging, articles, articles articles.. (Any one of these in the beginning.) Again, I would build a list, then build your own product, and ONLY IF fully monetized THEN get PPC.

7. How to do Sports. List worthy because those who play sports continue to play sports. Articles, forums, SEO your blog in the beginning. Step #2: Build your own product. Step #3: Start PPC for your affiliate program AND your front end sales with Upsells.

8. Real Estate databases/Foreclosures: Classifieds with a list.

9. How to get your ex back: Forums, articles in the beginning. Work on your own product immediately while you begin to build your list.

10. Panic Attacks: Forums!!

11. How to speak languages: Youtube instruction, Multi-media, Articles

12. Music Downloads: Build a list, Monetize, PPC.

13. Background checks: Nannies websites. Classifieds for nannies, forums, scam help forums.

14. Seized Vehicles: Classifieds websites..

15. Games/World Of Warcraft/Farmville: YOUTUBE!

16. Satellite TV: Media Buys..

17. Addiction recovery: Articles, Forums, SEO your blog with List.. Self Help Code

18. Fertility/Getting Pregnant: Articles, Forums, SEO your blog with List.. Self Help Code

19. Yeast Infection: Articles, Forums, SEO your blog with List.. Self Help Code.

20. Registry Cleaner/PC Software: Computer HELP boards & forums to build your list.

21. Dating: (How to pick up chicks) Comments, Answers, Twitter and Facebook, Articles to build your list. Free newsletter, Broadcast to your list, build your own product then get on launches and ask the vendors to reciprocate.

B: Physical products:
1. Electronics (Best buy affiliate program)

2. Musical Instruments (Musicians friend affiliate program)

3. Jewelry

4. Playgrounds

5. video game launches and books (Amazon affiliate program)
Get your site SEO'd before the RUSH.

6. Airplane parts

7. MiniBikes/Go Karts

8. Airsoft guns

C: Things I have shown you how to do so far..

0. All about the IMWithJamie course

1. How to pick a niche: A niche that is in demand and you know alot about. (Simple)

2. How to sell products to that market: Every good niche will have 10-200 products to sell.

3. Why you want keywords: For SEO, PPC or for a Domain name.

4. How to choose keywords for SEO: Two or three word keywords that have 40,000 to 100,000 searches.

5. How to find and buy a domain name based on a keyword.
(The exact three word keyword bought as a domain name)

6. How to sell that domain name on or right away for $30.

7. What a Clickbank hoplink is: (How you get commissions)

8. How to forward your domain name to your hoplink using the godaddy control panel

9. The three rules for finding niches and keywords: A. Familiarity & passion, B. Buyer keywords
C. Traffic keywords

10. Direct linking using Article directories, Classifieds and PPC.

11. Make a blog for your new domain name and sell it for $100 before getting traffic.

12. Make a minisite and sell it for $800 on before you get traffic.

13. How to hire an assistant (Philipines for $400 a month)

14. How to subcontract jobs on and or work for hire writing articles? for that.

15. Create a very simple sales letter (Letter Mogul) with your phone number at the bottom like

16. Review Authority: Do a camtasia video (screen capture) of a product you buy and put it on youtube. Post your video on a thread on a forum and build your list this way.

17. Clickbank IM Vendor model: Publish your newfound knowledge and/or PLR articles with a sales page and make money.

18. How to get articles and content written for $5 a page at or I have heard some good things about as well.

19. How to sell a site that gets traffic on or Sell them for 10 times the earnings and when people start to ask questions about your auction, answer them with extreme precision.

20. How to join the affiliate programs of database websites and promote them for commissions

21. YOUTUBE: How to find, broker a JV deal and/or buy a YOUTUBE ACCOUNT that has Millions of views (tons of traffic) What to say in your initial email.. (If you are looking to JV, then mention numbers. If you are looking to buy, dont mention numbers yet.

22. When you have traffic for a certain thing, and Clickbank doesnt have a product.. Go to google tofind a product, scroll down to the bottom of the product site to the "affiliate program" link!

23. The classified sites you can use to promote database websites, and to post in 15 major cities.

24. Other traffic sources like forums you can use to promote background check database sites

25. The differences between a database site and an instructional site

26. Forums are GREAT for self help and fitness.

27. Universal rule: How if you do things without paying, you need to be CAREFUL. If you pay, then you can do what you want.

28. All about monetization: A. Are you a vendor recruiting affiliates to sell your own ebook? or are you B. An affiliate with a blog looking to promote other people's products.

29. When using PPC or spending money, make sure you have all your ducks in a row monetization wise. You should have FOUR (4) different monetization methods for one (campaign) product when using PPC.

30. How to do Blog Comments by taking the keyword, adding [leave a comment] to it and doing a search on google for it. The results will be blogs that have the "Submit a reply" form at the bottom. Check with Alexa to see if it gets any traffic. 10-20 of them a day is a good start for SEO purposes.

D: Things you need to learn now:

1. Submit your site to the search engines (Easy & quick)

2. How to build and/or edit webpages (We can use which is free)

3. Planning your traffic campaign: The sites that you have familiarity with and potential as well as new research on what will work. Write a list of these sources.

4. Write a list of what to cover in your presentation: The benefits of your product, issues you need to address in your sales copy, the skeleton of your sales message.

5. Creating your presentation (Copywriting & recording) Filling out your sales message and preparing it for the masses.

6. How to use tools like , and and

7. How to become an AWEBER GOD like me.

E: Glossary:
SEO: Search Engine Optimization: Get your webpage or blog to #1 on Google.

PPC: Pay Per Click advertising either on Adwords, Miva, Facebook or Bing. (MSN)

Opt in box: A "name & email" form on the front of your blog to collect leads.

List: Your subscriber's who joined through your opt in box

Aweber: The website that houses your leads (List)

Broadcast: When you send an email to your whole list at the same time

JV: Joint Venture

WSO: Warrior forum special offer section (Sell your own ebook on warrior forum)

Monetization: Making something profitable, making money from a venture, etc.

Clickbank: The marketplace/processor for digital (instructional) products

Hoplink: The trackng mechanism so you get your prospective customers to the product and tracks your commissions.

Niche: market, types of customers, buyers, etc..

Worksheet: The pages I create so you have the text version (outline) of the webinars.

Minisite: a one page (sales page) that sells a product on clickbank or paypal.

Forum: the discussion boards youll find for certain niches. (Especially instructional, self help niches)


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