IMWithJamie Course #13!
Wise Words for this week: Be AWESOME! Be Entertaining for your sales, Be compassionate about your Fulfillment! Stop fearing success! Build something really cool, simple & DOMINATE!!!!

Tip #1: The most important thing: Go into ONE niche that you want to buy yourself. (Most major niches you will want to buy)

Tip #2: Just make sure that the result beats the effort or cost.

Make $2000 a month selling domains ($500 a week, $70 a day)

Unit Breakdown: 7 domains a day sold for $20 each. (buy them for $10.00)

Time Frame: Start making money immediately.

What Needed: The most important thing is to buy keyword based domain names that have hundreds of thousands of searches a month, for example like or You will need to "Sell" with good sales copy and individual stats for each domain name.

Make $4000 a month on Scriptlance/ ($1000 a week, $142 a day)

Unit Breakdown: Do one $1000 project/wk, two $500 projects/wk, (one project every 3 days) four $250 projects/wk, 8 $125 projects/wk, (1.3 projects a day) 16 $60 projects per week. (2.4 projects a day)

Time Frame: Hire an assistant in the philipines for $400 a month. Make sure you scout, audition, hire and train your assistant properly. (Takes 8-24 hours realistically) Once your assistant is hired, bid on jobs at Scriptlance. Keep in mind, you should think of this income as hourly rates. If you want to make more than $4000 a month then you will need to hire another assistant to get the jobs done on time.

What Needed: Scriptlance account, craigslist, Prepare your profile at Scriptlance/ based on what you learn with Jamie and from observing other jobs/programmer profiles.

Make $4000 a month doing reviews of IM (Internet Marketing) products ($1000 a week, $142 a day)

Unit Breakdown: 6 $22.00 sales a day from a daily email blast. 5 to 10% Click through from a list of 2000 subscribers.

Time Frame: You will most likely reach the 2000 subscriber mark after you post 4 videos on an Internet Marketing Forum over the time span of a month. (4 weeks) Of course if you continue, your subscriber base will grow, and your income would grow with it.

What Needed: Screen capture software like Jing or Camtasia, along with hosting, a blog and an autoresponder. You should create good text content for your blog, along with funny pictures and follow ups for the auto responder. The sales funnel works ike this: Scout Warrior Forum for the launch thread, You buy the product that just came out, ( ) upload the video review to Youtube, embed the youtube video of the product on Warrior Forum along with some information and have a link to your blog that collects leads. Treat your list good, entertain them, make them laugh and broadcast to your list promoting other IM products to make commissions.

Make $10,000 a month Selling websites ($2500 a week) $357 a day

Unit Breakdown: $170 a site, sold daily.

Time Frame: Allow a week to get set up, organize your "workshop" and optional: hire/train your assistants.

What Needed: Either you do this yourself with Komposer or you should have one or two assistants, hosting, domain names and sell two websites daily on Flippa or Ebay to earn $357 a day this way. Have sales copy and graphic templates. Have some PLR ebooks and writer standing by.

Make $10,000 a month with a Vendor website ($2500 a week) $357 a day

Unit Breakdown: 18 $20 sales a day or 35 $10 sales a day. Usually each "small time" affiliate you recruit will get you 2 sales a day. (Conservative estimates) So 10 to 20 affiliates is recommended.

Time Frame: Usually a week to two weeks to build a site. Another 1 to 2 weeks to recruit affiliates.

What Needed: A sales page, thank you page, ebook, affiliate page, minisite design, pictures of RESULTS like before & after pics, Affiliate resources like email swipes and sample ads, recruit affiliates by emailing clickbank vendors and review sites. Pay out 70% to affiliates if it is a digital product. You should get a dedicated server at this point.

Make $10,000 a month as an affiliate marketer

Unit Breakdown: 4 $100.00 sales per day, 9 $40 sales a day, 18 $20 sales a day, 35 $10 sales a day. The amount per sale is usually greater since vendors are more generous than affiliates. (70% for digital products usually)

Time Frame: Plan on a 2-4 week time frame for constructing your blog, doing SEO for it and building your list. Get paid direct sales from your blog and do broadcasts with the list you build. Traffic will come from all areas EXCEPT affiliates because you wont have a product. In other words, you replace your product construction with traffic work.

What Needed: Hosting, Keyword tool (To find keywords for your domain name and tags for SEO) a domain name, articles and cool content for your blog, autoresponder, camtasia or Jing for screencapture videos, video camera for self-video, possibly an assistant or SEO service to help you get good rankings.

Make $100,000 a month as a Vendor/Affiliate Marketer

Unit Breakdown: $25,000 in income weekly, $3,571 a day. 70 $50 sales a day, 35 $100 sales a day. You need to drive 3000 targeted clicks a day (This would be 3% clickthrough from a list of 100,000) or 1% from a youtube account that gets 300,000 views a day. (As an example)

Time Frame: Immediately if you are either smart, lucky, have money or do exactly what I say OR.. One to two months of full time work to build up capital to build your funnel via the other methods mentioned on this page.

What Needed: You need a really good website and list (funnel) and/or vendor setup: product, killer sales page, a powerful list and Joint Venture Relationships.

Make $200,000 a month as a Vendor/Affiliate Marketer

Unit Breakdown: $6000 a day, 140 $50 sales a day..

Time Frame: Same thing, except a bigger list or more views/blogs appearing in the search engines or subscribers from your Facebook/twitter account. Staff size recommended: 5-10 people.

Make $500,000 a month as a Vendor/Affiliate Marketer/Service

Unit Breakdown: $16,000 a day.. 320 $50 sales a day.

Time Frame: 2 months plus strict full time daily routine.

What Needed: 2 mailings from a list of 200,000 at a 2% Click through (4000 clicks each) selling a product for $50.00 commission with 1:50 conversion rate: $8000 a day plus 4-16 websites making $500 to $2000 each. from a combination of natural search engine traffic, 200 to 400 affiliates or multiple social networking sites and Youtube. Staff size recommended: 10-30 people.

Make $1,000,000 a month as a Vendor/Service

Unit Breakdown: $250,000 weekly or $40,000 a day: 40 $1000 sales/day 80 $500 sales/day 160 $250.00 sales/day

Time Frame: After all these models, I think you get the point.

What Needed: Awesomeness. You need a merchant account and can't use PayPal anymore. Warning, if you use Clickbank refunds will be very high, account for that) You need to have a staff to handle creation of offers, sales, customer service and fullfillment. You will either need to have massive traffic or a trained sales force. Staff size: 50.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization: Get your webpage or blog to #1 on Google.

PPC: Pay Per Click advertising either on Adwords, Miva, Facebook or Bing. (MSN)

Opt in box: A "name & email" form on the front of your blog to collect leads.

List: Your subscriber's who joined through your opt in box

Aweber: The website that houses your leads (List)

Broadcast: When you send an email to your whole list at the same time

JV: Joint Venture

WSO: Warrior forum special offer section (Sell your own ebook on warrior forum)

Monetization: Making something profitable, making money from a venture, etc.

Clickbank: The marketplace/processor for digital (instructional) products

Hoplink: The trackng mechanism so you get your prospective customers to the product and tracks your commissions.

Niche: market, types of customers, buyers, etc..

Worksheet: The pages I create so you have the text version (outline) of the webinars.

Minisite: a one page (sales page) that sells a product on clickbank or paypal.

Forum: the discussion boards youll find for certain niches. (Especially instructional, self help niches)


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