IMWithJamie Course #15!


Ask yourself the following:

1. How much Net revenue do you bring in every week online?

2. What business models did you grow on and put to work..

3. What strategies have you done?

How much do you make?


$10 a week

$100 a week

$200 a week

$350 a week

$500 a week

$750 a week

$1000 a week

$1500 a week

$2000 a week

$5000 a week

$10,000 a week

$15,000 a week

$20,000 a week

$30,000 a week

$40,000 and up

How many hours did you work online this last week?
(168 hours in a week, 6 hours of sleep every night)


30 minutes

1 to 3 hours

3 to 6 hours

6 to 10 hours

10 to 14 hours

14 to 20 hours

20 to 30 hours

30 to 50 hours

50 to 70 hours

70 to 100 hours

126 hours (Max)

What business models do you do every week?

Selling stuff on ebay

Designing banners, coding and writing for hire on scriptlance

Video reviews on forums

Selling domain names

Selling blogs

Vendor site with a product and affiliate program

Affiliate marketing blog (Commissions)

Iphone apps

Amazon Kindle

Selling Amazon products with the associates program

Working off rev share (JV manager)

Shock value marketing

What individual strategies have you tried?

Bought or partnered with a youtube account owner

Msn Adcenter (PPC)

Craigslist/backpage marketing (With degrees of separation)

Forum marketing

Recruited affiliates for your vendor site

SEO using Linkjuicer and blog comments

Selling physical products with UsFree ads

Package of 20 domains for double your money

What Optimization have you done? (Conversion and monetization)

Have you made sure you are building your list? (With all the necessary followups?)

Have you added graphic subheadlines to your sales page?

Have you created upsells with two downsells each?

Have you ever broadcasted to your list?


Make sure to test purchase and test-opt in

If you are not getting sales or opt ins, investigate from the traffic source..

SEO: Search Engine Optimization: Get your webpage or blog to #1 on Google.

PPC: Pay Per Click advertising either on Adwords, Miva, Facebook or Bing. (MSN)

Opt in box: A "name & email" form on the front of your blog to collect leads.

List: Your subscriber's who joined through your opt in box

Aweber: The website that houses your leads (List)

Broadcast: When you send an email to your whole list at the same time

JV: Joint Venture

WSO: Warrior forum special offer section (Sell your own ebook on warrior forum)

Monetization: Making something profitable, making money from a venture, etc.

Clickbank: The marketplace/processor for digital (instructional) products

Hoplink: The trackng mechanism so you get your prospective customers to the product and tracks your commissions.

Niche: market, types of customers, buyers, etc..

Worksheet: The pages I create so you have the text version (outline) of the webinars.

Minisite: a one page (sales page) that sells a product on clickbank or paypal.

Forum: the discussion boards youll find for certain niches. (Especially instructional, self help niches)


Learn stuff:

Learn how to do stuff:

Buy domain names:

Sell domain names: or

Buy & sell sites:


All in one Domains & Site builder:

Hire and get hired for coding:

Hire and get hired for creative:

Hire, sell and get hired for everything: