IMWithJamie Course #16!

Jamie is addicted to working...

If I dont get my work done in that day, by night time I am severly depressed!

Let's talk about the worst experience with an IM product..

What happened?

Review of Success Steps:

1. Go to CB marketplace: What do YOU want to buy?

2. What are you qualified to teach/sell

3. Is the niche big time? A lot of buyers?

4. Go to google keyword tool for more keyword research

5.Maybe get a domain name based on the keyword?

6. Build sales swipe

7. Finish sales material

*Blog: Search engine traffic (SEO)

*Your own sales page/product: Affiliates drive traffic

*Squeeze page: Video reviews/forums/Solos/PPC/paid traffic (No SEO)

recipe for traffic sources:


1. Is relevant
2. Has traffic (check alexa)
3. You can have signatures


1. Has traffic
2. ability to leave a comment [add a link]

1. Get a youtube account
2. have hoplinks on your channel or videos
3. find relevant videos in your niche by "most viewed"
4. comment, favorite, message them, offer to buy the video, etc.
5. Upload sick videos that you produced

Jamie needs to..

1. Find a retailer that sells Canon XH-A1 cameras..

2. Find a lotto forum

3. Launch GetYourExBackInMinutes

What has Jamie been doing?

Surprize launch for August 22nd..

Updating Berry

What have YOU been doing?


SEO: Search Engine Optimization: Get your webpage or blog to #1 on Google.

PPC: Pay Per Click advertising either on Adwords, Miva, Facebook or Bing. (MSN)

Opt in box: A "name & email" form on the front of your blog to collect leads.

List: Your subscriber's who joined through your opt in box

Aweber: The website that houses your leads (List)

Broadcast: When you send an email to your whole list at the same time

JV: Joint Venture

WSO: Warrior forum special offer section (Sell your own ebook on warrior forum)

Monetization: Making something profitable, making money from a venture, etc.

Clickbank: The marketplace/processor for digital (instructional) products

Hoplink: The trackng mechanism so you get your prospective customers to the product and tracks your commissions.

Niche: market, types of customers, buyers, etc..

Worksheet: The pages I create so you have the text version (outline) of the webinars.

Minisite: a one page (sales page) that sells a product on clickbank or paypal.

Forum: the discussion boards youll find for certain niches. (Especially instructional, self help niches)


Learn stuff:

Learn how to do stuff:

Buy domain names:

Sell domain names: or

Buy & sell sites:


All in one Domains & Site builder:

Hire and get hired for coding:

Hire and get hired for creative:

Hire, sell and get hired for everything: