IMWithJamie Course #17!
How to run my company if I die..

Things you will need:

*The credit card numbers, paypal passwords, bank account passwords & numbers..
*Skype to communicate with people
*Clickbank accounts and Aweber/GetResponse accounts for email marketing

All of my passwords and addresses are located on a file on my main computer -do a search.

Now let me show you the players:

John James: Skype name: blahblah Phone number: 555-555-5555
Accountant: Johnny davis

Partner #2: blahblah on Skype, phone number: 555-555-5555

Ok so basically, here are the businesses: (Designed by John ashrams, email:

(The rest of the list, urls, etc)

John G has vast knowledge in all of these.

We pay John G a week salary of $1000 a week plus 10% of successful launches that net over $40,000. For so & so John was paid a bonus of $7000.

So, Jamie dies, contact John & Tell him. Ask him to show you around. Tell him you will continue paying him.

You should learn how to send out mailings promoting IM products and music products using my Aweber account.

If for some reason, stuff goes bad with John, then you would be fine with all my websites, just make sure you have affiliates. If you lose affiliates, recruit more by emailing similar acts on the Clickbank marketplace.

For those websites that are in the search engines and make money automatically, just make sure they don't fall apart.

John should always be mailing offers on

If you ever wanted to sell the businesses, you can use a broker, or put them on or with John or someone's help.

Take the money with and transfer them.

When purchasing a site from Jamie:

What's included:

Website and members area

Customer support for 6 months

800 buyer leads from Aweber

500 buyer leads from aweber

6000 front end leads from Aweber

100,000 leads from GetResponse

Jamie for 3 months :)

What John will do once we sign & everything..

1. Transfer the site files over to your hosting
2. Push the domain name to you
3. Plug in your opt in boxes to your Aweber account for you
4. Transfer the aweber leads to your account
5. Transfer the Clickbank account to you (Easy)
6. Answer any questions you might have
7. We will send out an email announcing you are the new owner and talk to you about any cross promos. (JV's will bother you for your list :D :D


$300 estimated daily without mailing (Autopilot)

$600 total revenue daily if you mail

$1000-$2000 daily if you recruit affiliates & monetize the backend.

What you will need (Must haves)

*Hosting (Dedicated server recommended, especially if you guys recruit & do launches or other crazy stuff)
*Aweber (For the transfer of the three Aweber lists)
*Skype (To communicate with me & other JV's


*Icontact (For the 100,000 leads, you will need to import)

Basic operation:

The site will make money on it's own, from the affiliate marketplace and from the affiliate rebills (When we promoted a product with the xxxxxx Clickbank ID in the past)

When you do a mailing, you can make anywhere from $400 to $2000 depending on..

1. The offer & how well it converts.. Basically the guys you see in the top 20 of clickbank. It's hard to get in the top 20 of clickbank and those sites make millions every year. So if they are there, it's because those people worked their asses off.

2. If you change your "From Name" This is the name that people see the email came from. If you change it initially, you will get very high "Clicks" but your complaints will go up, so don't do it more than once every three months.

3. How well you treat your list. (This is self explanatory) Now I have not been doing ANY entertainment or anything, so if you guys do anything at all to help the list, that will be ADDED revenue onto of what you see the lists do now. A great idea is to entertain your list, give them free stuff, and when you sell something. Sometimes in the past when I sent out a broadcast and I only get a couple sales, I would then prepare a video, put it on youtube and send that out with a opening line like "WATCH THIS VIDEO, OMG!" And then it would totally revive the list.

How to do mailings:

Get hold of affiliate pages in the niche. you want to copy the "email swipe" and use it for your mailing. There is never any need to write your own emails when you promote someone, BUT you should double check the subject line. You don't want LAME subject lines that result in Low clicks.

A good subject line would be stuff like "I am going to pay YOU" then when you open up the email, it reads.. "Wouldn't that be INSANE? Well check this out: (A standard Clickbank hoplink.)

Email marketing/JV'ing in a nutshell:

Promote a hit vendor having a launch four or five days in a row (Compete in the launch) if you make it to the top ten, then you are GOLDEN. You will make commissions, but also get press! Don't worry if you make it to the top ten, just set up a cross promo sometime with the vendor.

I will send out an email to all my JV's (The big guys) when I transfer the site to you. It will have your email on it as a reply so you will probably hear from some of the guys. What you would do then is schedule a time to promote them, they promote you. Im "setting you up!"

How to read your Clickbank stats:

Log into Clickbank and access either "analytics" and/or transaction reports.

View as an affiliate to see what offers converted the best for you, then view as a vendor to see how YOUR product converted for certain affiliates.

Feel free to write down a list of questions and I will answer them one by one.

We should set up a time every two weeks to do a gotomeeting or the Skype chat again where I can run through all tour questions and help you with JV's.


The way to do it in the old days is to contact vendors on the Clickbank marketplace that are just starting out too. BAM! This is something I have not had time to do at all. This is how I would recruit affiliates back in the old days before I got into email marketing. It works! You can do this onto of everything else.


broadcast: when you send out an email in Aweber or Icontact or GetResponse.
Follow up: The email that gets automatically sent out when someone opts into your list


Learn stuff:

Learn how to do stuff:

Buy domain names:

Sell domain names: or

Buy & sell sites:


All in one Domains & Site builder:

Hire and get hired for coding:

Hire and get hired for creative:

Hire, sell and get hired for everything: