Internet Marketing 5 Million Miles Per Hour

Jamie Lewis shows you how to make money online in 6 minutes. Part #1 of the super affiliate manifesto.
My credentials: Sold over 30 domain names for as much as $238,000 Over 11 MM in Online Sales and growing every day.... I sold "" for $5000 without even having to list it. Come to the mastermind and find out more shit. It's free, no Bullshit and this could be you. So listen up and learn!

Jamie Lewis the Movie: A documentary

This is the story of Jamie Lewis, Lawnmower man. Internet Marketing Manifesto.

90 Minutes of POWER: A MUST SEE for any serious entrepreneur. The complete Internet marketing and production manifesto audio recorded LIVE on webinar.

With over 400 hours of teaching others under my belt, I show you how to get RICH! I take a no nonsense (but fun!) approach to teaching you what I know.

Learn SEO, HTML, Adwords, Youtube, Photoshop, Branding, Domain names, Internet marketing, Clickbank, Ebay, Adsense, Etrade, Digital Product Creation, Outsourcing, How to buy expensive cars, affiliate recruitment, copywriting, product launches, audio engineering, music production, video production, software development, manufacturing, dealing with haters, customer service, management, compliance, lawyers, copyrights, forum marketing, classifieds, CPA, CPV, all through a 8 year time frame in extreme detail.

Make Money Online Rap

Staying true to my roots! This is a hip-hop song I made with MegaMusicMaker(.com).

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MAKE MONEY ONLINE by Nebula beat by main event west.

Chong makes money online (Starring Brett Bennett)

Let Inspiration be your force my good friend. Let the dollars flow from the heavens on top of your head even if you take multiple bong rips every day.

There's gold everywhere! I'll give you the tools and knowledge to make it yours.

Jamie Lewis interviews Paul the Stalker

Paul the stalker! Yes, this is real as seen on

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This fellow was inspired by the Verge article which featured one of my sales videos, he knocked on my door at home and after scaring the shit out of him I felt bad so I gave him a pretty good lesson.

Webinar part #1
This is part 1 of me teaching my class how to get some cheese! I do these sessions every Tuesday and Thursday. Want to join me?

Webinar part #2

Part 2 of my class.

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