The guy who did Jamorama did Affilorama

Me taking a nice Sunday afternoon spin in the Aston Martin and telling you about this guy (affiliate KING) Mark Ling. If you haven't worked with Mark Ling before, you need to do it before you FAIL!

How to make money with MegaMusicMaker
I show you how to make $850 an hour! This is one of my affiliate help videos that just so happened to come in handy in a lot of other ways. It blew up on Youtube for some reason

Webinar with Jeffery Lenney

Internet Marketing Webinar! This was another one of my classes where I had a special guest intro me. Nice dog Jeffery! LOL

One bad ass sales video
This is a KILLER football sales video that I made with this badass football team.

Behind the scenes of the madness $$$

Making money! (Semi-parody) Well, this is half real, half parody. We try to make you laugh sometimes..We have fun while making MONEY! It's the best of both worlds....

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