By Jamie Lewis on June 7th, 2013 10:56 pm

Wanting to learn Online business or to purchase technology or a service is one thing, while being addicted to business opportunites is another.

Want proof there is a difference? ok!

This os something that I am seeing some of my students deal with on a personal level and this is growing ever more obvious during my time teaching Internet Marketing.

Now I'm not saying my stuff doesn't come close to bizopp," but alot of my students who buy my stuff already have this addiction before they met me and it has been going on a very long, long time. Sometimes for 10 years.

It's really freaking serious.

I cannot blame the people who supply this demand entirely because Ive now spoken and/or met thousands of people who purchase these types of products, and alot of them are not interested in learning marketing at all.

Not even if I teach them how to buy a $12 domain name based on a popular keyword and sell it for $500.00

Nope, it's gotta be instant like a slot machine. Not even 90 minutes. That's too long to wait.

So it's as if the people who buy the Bizopps constantly influence and demand a certain result from Internet Marketing services and then when these services adjust their sales tactics to such insane degrees to meet the demands, it effects my students like Kay Cook who I hope is not addicted to this stuff. (Because we break the addiction immediately) or in this case.. I have tried my best to help.

See what I am saying?

But on the consumer side, do you think a gambling junkie would be a reasonable person to teach this stuff to?

See I never spearheaded the sugar candy cigarette for kids in the 80's, and I didn't use a weird looking clown as a mascot to lure children to my restaraunt so who inspired James to become an obvious gambling junkie?

Las Vegas? The Gambling Industry? I'm not too sure.

So the advertisements for the Casinos here in Connecticut, given the exclusive privilege, as an apologetic gesture for the genocides done by our government, that show examples of people "striking it rich" are to blame?

Or how about a more simple explanation?

This, is for lack of a better word; Not cool man. If you feel what I am saying does not apply to you, cool. You're normal. If you feel offended, then you need to call the gambling hotline at 1-800-522-4700 before you lose your life savings.

Stay away from the darkness:

Let's meet Kay Cook now.

HOLY CRAP BATMAN! So basically, they're saying that she made $30,000 in two weeks, then they pressured her into a $600 fee to claim the [imaginary] money? I don't know, but wierd?

I think I'm audi 5000..



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