Class Review May 2013

Barry the divorce Judge

You need to do a divorce site man. Geez you will have an edge as a divorce judge. Stop doing everything else and start writing.
You can be a millionaire soon with your expertise. (My two cents)

Will Sims: "I started writing today for a fitness product and also found product from CB. Will find keyword tomorrow and start blog"

Jamie: Cool! I hope you know about Fitness! Remember the rules for success!

Allan White Has 20 sites online for about two weeks now 5 on 200 search engines.

Let's get some sales from these and the flip them! Someone will surely want them!

Dale Allen Dale's first web site has goten 380 hits in the first week as a info. site.

Jamie: Dale, building a list from the 380 hits? Are we going to monetize the site?

Patrick Belliveau has 10,000 followers on Twitter.  He is a professional saxophonist and teacher.....and wants to educate and help people succeed. So Patrick, are you going to do a site for how to play Saxophone on Clickbank?

Jonathan King is making $250 a day!

Brandon Shelton

Worked for a retailer that used Amazon.. Cool! Are you going to take your knowledge of amazon into affiliate marketing?

Justin Perkins  Grew his list from zero to 200! Care to share Justin?

Esteban Lagrange
I followed your lead and went with lottery. i found a keyword with 246,000 searches and the matching domain name. I set up a blog with some software that I bought and have like 20 articles on it. What is the best way to get traffic to my site now

Jamie: Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Email marketing, cross promos, and then the paid stuff: Solos, PPC, CPA, Banner ads.

Brian Alcorn Last wednesday on the meeting Brian found "test for add" gets 49,000 hit a month. It was availabile so he bought the domain. Brian used fiverr to get an article. Put two clickbank hoplinks on it and came to the webinar. Brian, did you put your opt in box to build your list on it? Start building a list and it will gain value with every opt in.

 Witek,Thomas  Thomas has an ebook for "how to sell hip hop beats" and was accepted to clickbank, He needs to recruit affiliates now. -I like the Niche Thomas!

Brian Brown  -Awesome student. Thanks Brian for your intelligent questions.

"This is the best training i have ever used. your so honest and cut to the chase"

Do SEO, Forums and Articles while you monetize. Once Monetized, use PPC.

Juliet Finch:
"Just use your imagination If your wanting a signature for dogtraining ..   you would do something like this:    My dog uses the toilet! then use your hoplink under it :)" And then get a picture of your dog using the toilet.

J William

J had a facebook friends and fans page built by an outsourcer.. Lets see!


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