Welcome to my creative archives. Here you will find entertaining songs on a variety of subjects, tutorials, metaphorical works and more. Enjoy.

Sick beat with MegaMusicMaker
Witness the sheer processing power of the ultimate, undisputed champion of beatmaking; Mega Music Maker!


I Smoke Crack
50,000+ views on Youtube so far. High percentage of likes. I dunno. Why. This. Is. Popular.

Making a rock beat
Learn how to make a rock beat in your own living room using an electronic drumset, a guitar and a computer.

Try this at home.

This song actually became a soundtrack for a commercial aired on national TV. Filmed in 2004.

Producing INSANE club banger
Taken in 2007, this video rocks.

The beat, which later became a track played throughout NYC nightclubs was created in literally 4 minutes.



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