This one came together quite quickly, filmed in two takes and spliced Bijhan the mad doctor in there. Talk shit all you want but this was based on a true story.

Charles Versus Jamie

Phone fight! Poor guy...

How to stay friends with girls
When a girl likes you too much this is what to say...

I smoke Crazk
Self explanatory

Bedroom song
Love song dedicated to the chick who stole my credit cards when I was in the shower ????? WTF lol

Frederick Fredrickson
Fredrich Fredricksen Gerard emerges out of his car wreck and tells the world how lucky he is to be alive. Sadly, he does not make any sense at all and get very upset halfway through the interview challenging Nigel on a variety of points. Starring Jamie Lewis and Edawg

Fun in the Rolls Royce
We spill water in the rolls. :( Fail.

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