Plan of attack.
This site is going to kick your ass!
By Jamie Lewis on May 13, 2013 4:32 am

I am getting old and decided to give you all the content all at the same time, hence the site here.

Hope you like it.

That uncomplicates things so much.

Get some inspiration, participate or learn how to film a movie "Texas style."

And it'll piss the gurus off too!


Holy AWESOME right?

And my qualifications you might ask?

Black belt!

My BIO can be found HERE

Very unorthodox marketings that work.

So yep, I want to give you like an OBSCENE amount of content.

Don't ask me why, I'll sound like a griping old man.

If you want to learn how to get famous, start studying everything on this site!

You're like "huh?"

Start with these funny sales videos NOW

IMPORTANT INFO: Everything stated above is true and the intention of this site is to give you a "complete" lesson on affiliate and online marketing without you having to pay for that lesson (Which consists of text and video). (FREE!!) We do make our own products available on the site, but with a banner therefore it is not mandatory for you to purchase. We hope this site acts as a model for others to spend more time giving back especially if they keeping back information from people who could use it! and especially if you have made buckets of cash and making innocent girls do the rain dance. Stop being greedy you filthy gurus!

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