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Fisherman, Barbecuer and Tornado chaser that codes
By Greg Bowers on May 9, 2013 11:02 am

First off I would like to thank Obama for making me successfull! I mean, if Obama didn't build that, then who would have?

Yeah that's right bitches.. ME, I built that!

Ok so now that i've given props to whom necessary, i'd like to give you a little bit of my background and how someone like me ends up being a major player in the internet marketing business with Jamie Lewis.

Well, in 1978 my mamma pushed real hard and I popped out! It was a great moment in my life, I was excited and so I started the tedious process of growing up. I got to kindergarden, YEA naps, snacks and merrygorounds! I gave it hell! I napped all the time, I ate my snacks and then stuffed some kid in the merrygoround, got suspended and flunked. Well later on, they figured out that I was ADD. ADHD and started trying ALL KINDS of cool shit that would supposedly get me off the short bus and make me normal.

Do you think that worked? Am I normal?

When I was a kid probably around 10 years old I would break into my dads computer while he was at work and write stupid games using QBASIC and DOS command line. Let's just say that although the state said i'm mentally impaired, I had other tallents that were deeply hidden.

So now moving on.. Going into middleschool, I flunked fourth grade and then again in the 9th grade which now puts me in the 11th grade at age 21 and so theres nothing else to do but drop out and go to work like the big people do it..

I got a job at Mazzios Pizza in SandSprings OK, and worked there for almost 3 years before moving on to better things like Taco Bueno, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Sonic, Burger King and many other fast food nightmares. I mean.. I was in my element right? A building full of fucking retarded zombie, failures and nobody's + you are what you eat..

During the time I was working at fast food, I was going home and teaching myself how to code flash actionscript and then when that got boring I had to expand and learn how to make my flash apps dynamic with MYSQL and so I discovered PHP.

With PHP and MYSQL, actionscript became just a memory and I started building all kinds of crazy shit that didn't do much of anything and over the course of about 3 or 4 years I was VERY fluent in javascript, html, css, PHP and MYSQL. Well, now I'm a bad ass! I can build anything you tell me to build but why the fuck am i still working at Burger King.. I quit working completely, went home and started looking for jobs as a php guy. It was tough as most people want you to have a diploma. Young dumb and.. After looking for weeks, I found this guy named Guy LOL again WTF. So Guy would have me do all this crazy shit and wanted to pay me 200.00 a week and most of the time he wouldn't even pay me.

I'd had enough of that bullshit and so the search went on and I ran into an ad on Craigslist asking people to take a test for HTML. Right away, I'm thinking.. Great! Another Craigslist scammer wanting people to build their shit for free. So I contacted them and they sent me back all these stupid instructions on duplicating a landing page. Seriously thinking it was a scam I took extra care to give them exactly what they were asking for lol. They gave me FTP to a domain and told me to create a folder with my name. done. Well, I also knoticed that there were about 20 other folders there and started looking at other peoples files.

I did my file and then created a directory listing of everyone elses files containing the W3schools validation links for their pages with a full listing of all their errors which then ensured me the position as an html editor working for Jamie Lewis. I think back then he was going to pay me like 300.00 / week or something but going from broke to SOMETHING was a huge step. I did a couple of html sites for them, fired the chick that hired me and got a huge foot in the door.

In 2009 Jamie did a launch (Digibizpro) and ended up having to build probably about 400 sites. We had ewoks working for us that were trying to bust out these sites but the process was WAY too slow and a huge profit was at risk and so Jamie started thinking about ways to automate the process as much as possible. I soon spilled the beans about my true abilities as a PHP / MYSQL programmer and took over the task of automating the first version of Digibizpro and I got my first raise!

Now, I'm moving up! We soon launched Digibizpro 2.0 and customers love it! Ever since then, I've been working side by side this Jamie Lewis asshole, doing ridiculous marketing tasks and loving every bit of it! I get yelled at almost every day, I get called names like fatty and stupid but somehow I still love the guy. Jamie is sooo cool that he started giving me weekends off so that my wife wouldn't divorce me.

By Greg Bowers on May 17, 2013 12:17 am

FIRST OFF, let me define where I stand in politics. I think it will make what I have to say make a lot more sense and REALLY give you a great look into the mind of someone who MUST ACHIEVE.

1. I am NOT a republican, I am a conservative.
2. I am AGAINST abortion and people who fail to be responsible.
3. I am AGAINST businesses getting taxed MORE and MORE and MORE.
5. You CAN NOT tax your way out of poverty Barack Hussein Obama MMM mmm MMM
6. A disarmed America is a dead America
8. If you kill it, EAT IT. I hate people that just kill sh*t to kill it.




Greg Bowers

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