How I met Jamie.
A story from Matthew Neer
By Matthew Neer on May 9, 2013 11:02 am

Getting Money With Jamie Lewis

Let's take it back all the way to Wealth In A Box. Jamie actually contacted me and recruited me as an affiliate. Not sure how he even found me, cause back then, all I had on Clickbank was a lil ebook action. But none the less, he found and showed me what his hot offers were at the time.

At the time, I didn't have much of a list so I was not able to to a JV swap. So instead, I opted for the product review angle. Got a review copy of Wealth In A Box and it was on! The next day I had a sick review done and posted it up on YouTube and my blog site. It ended up making a few hundred dollars in sales over the next week or so and continued to do so until some dude hijacked my video and uploaded it to his channel. I took it as a compliment and moved on to the next hustle.

Shortly after that I started having some problems with my personal life. You see, my girlfriend of two years at the time was trying to be entrepreneurial like myself, except she never sold anything. I think she was scared to or something. Doesn't matter now.

Anyways, she kept bugging me about my biz stuff and I finally showed her how to make some money. She made like $100 bucks in clickbank or something when she did exactly what I told her to do. But what's hilarious is that she never saw that check because she never made that 5th sale to unlock the clickbank new account threshold and trigger a payout. So it dwindled, and dwindled, until it was nothing.

Yet she persisted in wanting to "be like me" and kept trying to find ways to do it. I guess she knew I would ultimately leave her if she worked at chuckecheese for the rest of her life. And she would have been right. But what she did next was retarded.

One day, she told me she got a job selling cars at the local nissan dealership. And I was impressed. I actually couldn't believe she scored that job. She nailed this clean little Internet Sales gig selling nissans through online leads and call backs. However she was in an apprenticeship or internship, whatever you call it and couldn't actually get commissions yet. She was just "learning".

At least this is what I thought‚

So one day, I was over at the local coffee shop hustling my Internet game, she Skypes me. Which she knows she's not supposed to do when I'm working. But proceeds to anyways. She starts telling me how she is at work right now and on the phone with this prospect about to close a deal for a Nissan GTR. (a car I've always loved)

Call me crazy, but for some reason it just sounded really suspicious. And then I realized that I had never actually seen her at work, or even go to work dressed up. So I said to myself‚"Aight bitch, we gonna see if you're telling' the truth today!"

Packed up my shit in a jiffy, hopped in the ride and smashed over to her house in the quickness.

Low and fucking behold, there's her car, sitting the the driveway‚

"OMG!" I thought to myself, "what a scandalous beezy." I had to know for sure though, so I hopped out of my ride and went up to her rickety ass door and rang it.

She walks up to the glass door, see's me standing there‚

"OH SHIT!" as she leaps backwards trying not to fall down. (she did)

She tried for a few minutes to avoid the situation and act like I wasn't there, but when it became obvious that I knew she was in her house, she finally opened the door and we talked in her room.

She didn't want me to leave, but there was no way in hell I was staying with a women to played me for a fool, as if she was working a fake job, all to impress me to stay with her because of her entrepreneurial interests. I left that house quicker than a white boy wearing red in Compton.

As it turns out, just a few days later a few of my friends were moving up north to the border of california in a little town called Redding, which was known for having some awesome college parties. I was young and fresh off a break up, so I used this as an opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and take massive action. So I sold all my stuff and took an adventure.

It seems like as soon as I was up there, I remember buying Income Times Ten from Jamie Lewis. I bought it because he pitched live webinar classes. And I distinctly remember practicing some flat ground skateboarding tricks up at the Redding skatepark while listen to Jamie Lewis and Travis Stevenson pitch income entourage on a webinar. I didn't have my computer with me, so I dialed in and listened via iPhone. It was at that point that I knew Jamie Lewis had some real value to offer my life and the rest of the world. He was kinda like the Jay Z of Internet Marketing.

Soon I started attending every webinar and made it a weekly ritual. And it's funny, because when I first started going to all the webinars, I was really thrown off by Jamie's laid back style. Maybe cause it was the first webinar I went on where nobody sold me anything? lol Or maybe cause the dude would literally come into the webinar and start yelling and screaming things like "FUCK YEAH!" or "LET's GET SOME MONEY!" or he would be thrilled to tell us what kind of liquor he was drinkin'. It was freakin hilarious! I had never seen that level of professionalism before! And I was diggin' it.

I think I could relate because I was always the kid who fought to the death when it came time to put on a suit and tie and go hang with grandma and grandpa at church for a Sunday. It was literally impossible to get to dress nice as a kid. Now, I'll keep it fresh every now and then, but only for the ladies! ;)

Anyways, I think the style really vibbed with me because I could see myself winging a sick presentation like that all day. I just had to figure out how I could show Jamie that I had mad value to offer his life and his biz. And my strategy was just to ask the most intelligent questions possible and brings results to class.

Soon enough, Jamie was bringing me on the webinars regularly. Which I leveraged as a means to perfect my public speaking abilities and get really good at doing off the cuff presentations. This was an invaluable experience and skill that I was able to build up over the months of doing webinars with Jamie all the time. It was excellent. And I don't think I could ever thank him enough for that.

Jamie would also hire me from time to time to do some odd jobs for him. Things like copy writing or running a few PPC campaigns. He paid great so I was always more than willing, but more importantly it was a few gigs inside the industry and a chance to look behind the scenes of a 10 million dollar empire, that I suggest, if anyone have the opportunity to do so, take massive full advantage of. You'll learn a lot.

And you might even get invited to party in Vegas with a dozens of multimillionaires and do it real big. That was a blast. I'd highly recommend partying at The Marquee and The Bank. Just beware of the rich jerks‚ ;)

With all of that said, what I would say the most valuable take away from working with Jamie is that I learned what "Income Producing Activities" were. And nothing in business, could be more valuable then doing things that directly make you money. Jamie showed me many, I got hooked.

Now I make thousands of dollars every single month online and am currently looking to move somewhere near the beach, or perhaps just travel around the world for awhile and have some more adventures with lots of cool people. It's all up in the air, and magic is happening everywhere I look.

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