The Best Sales Video Ever
Problem with a breakup? Get revenge! THIS VIDEO IS RATED "R" for RAD. Also Rated "R" because of the violence.

How to get girls
Learn how to attract and date hot women. Proven to work. Get your ex back, make her feel better and have babies. 

My name is AIDS
This was a sketch comedy, very frickin hilarious. How to cure herpes and other stds with the flick of a button. Produced by Jamie Lewis and Edawg.

Enter the universe of scam! These crazy gurus know how to make money online. Learn network marketing with Harry Wood and David Sharts.

Poop Cereal
"It tastes like crap!" Father & son enjoying a meal LOL.

How to get girls in Russia
YES!! Get in the pants!

How to make dirty movies
The title says it all LOL!

Guru Mania
OMG these gurus make $345,483,876.95 a DAY! Selling physical products! Awesome! Have fun with Ronnie Bobbins! This guru parody is about awesome selling tactics!

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