Jamie Lewis is interviewed by noob at affiliate summit west
Awkward interview

This guy here doesn't know much about Internet Marketing, setting up pages or creating advertising campaigns to promote products, either digital or physical, but he is a sure nice guy.

How I make more than $1000 with Rap Beats

Amazing HIP HOP BEAT MONOPOLY! This was RIDICULOUS. I remember those days. I made half a million from Sonicproducer then sold it for $180,000 after running it for only 10 months. That's almost $700,000 in 10 months.

The beatmaker kicks ass too.

$100 a minute
Watch Clickbank make me $100 a minute!

PPC is run by the Illuminati!

The TSAM agents infiltrate the PPC building.
They uphold justice.

Granny finds CASH!

Another T.S.A.M episode works out well for granny in the end.

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